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What is Tyrol Puncture Sealant?

Tyrol puncture sealant is a blend of fibres and gums held in suspension. It also contains antifreeze, bactericide, fungicide, and rust inhibitors. Tyrol puncture sealant is a water based product and can be washed or rinsed from tyres and tubes should a traditional repair be required because of a large gash or tear.

How does Tyrol Puncture Sealant work?

When a hole occurs in the tyre, under pressure, the sealant tries to go through the hole and at that stage because of factors such as narrow aperture, weight and air pressure a physical and chemical reaction takes place and the fibres come out of suspension and form a plug in the hole. Behind the visible plug the sealant stays moist which means that the plug never dries out and falls from the hole.

It may be knocked from the hole by a sudden bump or vibration, but during the next turn of the wheel it will seal again. Therefore Tyrol puncture sealant acts as a permanent treatment not a temporary repair.

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